"What the hell is Terre's problem?!!"

Please don't let this happen to you!

Terre Thaemlitz kindly asks you not to upload her releases - including into YouTube, SoundCloud and other social media sites. To understand the specific reasons why (which are not about copyright claims), click here.

Did you know:
  • YouTube, SoundCloud and other sites only allow registered users (or Gmail account holders) to leave comments and send messages to one another.

  • Because Terre is not registered with any social media sites, nor Gmail, he has no way of directly sending you a friendly takedown request.

  • YouTube, SoundCloud and other sites refuse to forward friendly messages from non-registered users such as Terre to registered users. (Yes, she has spoken to YouTube and SoundCloud at length about this. At this time, both companies refuse to implement open communication between registered and non-registered users.)

  • Even if you write on your YouTube or SoundCloud page, "Hey artist, I'm a big fan! Contact me if you want this taken down!" the corporate policies of the websites you are using prohibit Terre from contacting you.

  • Therefore, with no way to contact you directly, Terre's only option is to file a 'copyright claim' - which he hates doing! Anyone familiar with Terre's work knows she has always been critical of copyright, authorship, originality, creativity, and any other ego-claims to production processes. That has not changed! This situation makes him incredibly stressed, frustrated and sad. The ironies and hypocrisies of the situation cut deeply!

  • ...So do angry emails received from YouTube and SoundCloud users after their uploads are removed, and 'strikes' have been placed against their accounts. Please realize your problem is not with Terre. It is with the communication policies of YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. Those policies, in combination with your actions, are forcing Terre's hand. This is truly regrettable for everyone.
Terre wishes to keep 'queer' audio and media functioning queerly, contextually, and with smallness.

Populist social media engines that blast media 'globally' to as many people as possible may be appropriate for corporate pop music, but they function contrary to everything Terre believes about cultivating and protecting the hyper-specificities of 'underground' and minor situations. Indiscriminate file sharing, YouTube and SoundCloud grant too much exposure with too little precision.

Clearly, many of you disagree. However, please be sensitive to the fact that uploads into YouTube and SoundCloud enact an explicitly anti-social situation that prohibits open communication between you and non-registered users such as Terre - the very people you are likely trying to 'support' through your uploads!

Such uploads display no specific concept of audience, and take no responsibility for who has access to the content. It is no different than dumping a box of 100,000 CD-R copies of your favorite track at the largest shopping mall in town, and just walking away. You are placing (at times rather delicate) materials into the hands of homophobes, transphobes, religious zealots, anti-pacifists, anti-Marxists, anti-feminists, corporate anti-sampling lawyers and their legions of content scanning spider-bots.

The latter is also a major reason people should never list audio sample sources in website comment fields, or websites/apps like Discogs, WhoSampled, etc. Remember, many countries do not have the legal category of "fair use." This includes Japan - where Terre lives. While the average end-user who lists things on such sites is preoccupied with a false sense of freedom of expression rooted in fun, it is on the production level that one is always aware of the risks and liabilities of cultural content development - particularly with collage-based media.

As a result, Terre considers indiscriminate uploads and file sharing to be a risk to her cultural praxis on multiple levels. Although his views on uploading may be contrary to everything you have been taught to believe, please understand, in some instances NOT UPLOADING shows greater cultural support and understanding than uploading.

Your awareness and restraint are greatly appreciated.

Protect the unusual and minor!