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- Carlos Pozo

In Angbase, Issue 2, Spring 1998.


Regardless how you want to take it, this first beat-oriented CD from Terre Thaemlitz is a success. Without the liner notes it is a fine excursion into Disko B-meets-Rephlex territory with a distinct fuzzy and loud digital sound. With the liner notes and texts (each track is labeled by techno sub-genre: "mainstream techno", "minimal techno", "abstract drum & bass", etc.) it is a puzzling object, easily as good as most techno practitioners, yet with the added dimension of the knowledge that this music might be a giant musical hoax, and if you happen to like it, then you're even more fucked up than you might have rightly assumed you were. Terre himself said that he "hates" some of these genres - yet here are tracks competently assembled for the enjoyment of an audience that he presumably also hates. Perhaps this is the only possible approach left to making music - Terre simply states it in his own (admittedly - it says so right in the booklet) heavy-handed manner. The key quote might be "G.R.R.L. stumbles from this cultural wreckage into the recording studio". The odd track out (and "best" perhaps) is "China Doll", a frantic scream-core rant - a pretty funny and nearly perfect pop moment - maybe I don't get it, but I like it.