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Underground Sounds
Fagjazz: Comatonse Recordings Super Best Collection
- Sam Labelle

In DMR, December 2000.


(excerpt) [This album has] not left my player for the last couple of weeks: FAGJAZZ: SUPER BEST COLLECTION on TERRE THAEMLITZ's SF/Bay Area-based Comatonse Recordings. [This release gives] shining promise to the quality of interesting music possible and [has] been nurtured within the boundaries of the underground. To refer to [this album] as merely "deep" would diminish the complex creativity of these great artists....

"We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with every Comatonse product adn service, or we will help you define and accept your dissatisfaction in relation to the shortcomings of post-industrial consumer society." TERRE THAEMLITZ releases Fagjazz, a double-CD in glorious packaging on his own Comatonse Recordings ( In the early 90s, Terre was immersed in the musical subcultures of New York's Lower East Side. His longstanding interest in electronic music quickly led him to his first DJ gigs in the Big Apple's underground "tranny" clubs. In 1992 he began recording and garnered immediate international recognition from preeminent producers including Mixmaster Morris and The Orb. Since that time, Thaemlitz has been taking on the important work of taking chances and doing everything he can to broaden all our horizons. He has collaborated with Bill Laswell, Haruomi Hosono (YMO), The Golden Palominos, William S. Burroughs, Adham Shaikh and Chugga. He's performed (most often in drag) with Tetsu Inoue, FSOL, Mixmaster Morris, Ben Neill, Charles Uzzell-Edwards, and the late Dorian Corey. Fagjazz is a culmination of underground experimental music over the last five years. This is important music that all who think of themselves as modern music aficionados should experience. There is a multiplicity of styles found on ese two CDs, from "new age" noise on angel dust to deep house with John Cage style piano. One of the discs is from a live collaborative recording from Taiwan. It was impulsively recorded on an old broadcast tape and much of this piece's structure incorporates random bleed fromteh sounds beneath the new recording. Ain't creativity grand? Please take note of the website; the only place you may be able to purchase thiw work is direct from Comatonse.