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What would you wear for your last trip?
Clothes and accessories to take in your coffin
- Sylvain Menétrey

In Dorade (France), Issue No.5, Spring 2013.


What would you wear for your last trip, i.e. what clothes and accessories would you take in your coffin?

I don't believe in an afterlife, soul, spirit, etc. None of it. For those who do: get over yourselves already.

Funerals or memorials are strictly for the living, so whatever people feel is appropriate or inappropriate to drape on my corpse that day is their problem to deal with. My time struggling with the burden of mediating my body through the fucked up fashion codes of heterosexist, bi-gendered patriarchies will be over. In any case, I expect to be cremated, so whatever mistakes are made will not last long anyway.

The only real variable would be suicide, in which case I assume responsibility for how I am last dressed. If I expect my body to be discovered relatively quickly, I would make an effort to minimize the impact of that moment upon the person who stumbles upon my corpse - such as wearing an adult diaper under my clothes to contain the smell and flow of the postmortem evacuation of my bowels. Of course, thinking that far ahead would ultimately depend on my state of mind at the time, and how much planning went into it.