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DJ Sprinkles: Midtown 120 Blues
★★★★★ (5 of 5 stars)
- Gareth Owen

In Electronic Beats (Germany), January 2009.


As the T-Shirt says, house, house and more fucking house. DJ Sprinkles, also known as Terre Thaemlitz, hailing from New York presents his first full-length album on Mule Musiq, in the vein of that city's most famous label: Strictly Rhythm. Inspired by sanitation of Times Square, and the difficulties facing the city's gay, trans-gender and alternative communities, Midtown 120 Blues soundtracks a sad time for clubbing in the city that never sleeps. House music may be having it's perceived renaissance, but the clubbing institutions where it was nurtured have long faded in to distant memory, and it is that sense of sadness that prevails through this album, continuing themes explored in 1998's Sloppy 42nd's. This is sure to make a lot of people happy with its slinky beats and jazzy passages where the depth of feeling is reflected by the quality of the sounds. No boundaries broken, but then, I guess that was never the point.