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Global 2000
Visionaries of the New Millenium
- David Pescovitz

In Java, January, 1997.


The Great Millenium Freak-Out is approaching. Prepare yourself - the light at the end of your reality tunnel can be blinding.

Biology is technology. Evolution is the new revolution. Science Fiction novels are the business plans for electro-culture companies. It's time to reboot your meta-computer.

Quantum weirdness, hive minds online, the Human Genome Project, water on the Moon, life on Mars, cosmetic surgery, molecular machinery, bio-warfare, designer personalities, life extension, virtual surreality, killer plagues, cybernetics, sustainable development, chaotic beauty, desktop media creation, culture jamming, neural prostheses, genderplay, global communication, memetic mutation.

Listen to the sounds of visionaries all around, but always remember: the best way to predict the future is to create it.
- David Pescovitz


Terre Thaemlitz, composer of electronic ambient and avant-garde music, including the works Soil and Web on the Instinct record label.

"An increasing variety of electronic music producers, including myself, are generating audio discourses around issues such as gender, ethnicity, sexuality and race.

"The breakthrough of Ambient music into nightclubs - taking a traditionally passive medium and turning it into a vehicle for socialization - has created a new platform for these dialogues outside of academia. It has even resulted in the sporadic emergence of Popular media articles on Ambient which question the functions of active and passive listening techniques, as well as the placement of listeners within immersive environments (a diffusion of the subjective in relation to social context). Both of these concepts are key to the personal decentralization of Popular culture, and an engagement of cultural differences in terms other than Liberal rhetoric.

"While I do not think the year 2000 will be particularly pivotal, I would like to think we are heading toward an opening of the doors for more Popular musical dialogues which extend beyond the scope of subjective rocker angst, 'alternative' bourgeois idealism, or homogenizing plur-rave humanism. At the very least, changes in technology and genres will continue contributing to the development of new methodologies and compositional strategies which better reflect the intentions and desires of producers and listeners."