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Synthetic Pleasures 2
- Elisabeth Vincentelli

In Option, September/October 1997, No. 76. Terre's note: I find this reviewer refreshingly brutal in her ignorance.


Synthetic Pleasures was an indie movie about the technological revolution, virtual reality and just about cyber-everything, so of course it makes senses to have compilations revolving around the same concept. The liner notes in this sequel to the film's soundtrack feature garbled verbiage about accessibility and technology, which goes to show at least one thing: a computer won't compose legible sentences for you. More importantly, the notes never question the basic issue of these new technologies' impact on the way music is made and the way it's heard. But what about the music on the compilation? It's pretty much routine, with some of the usual illbient suspects (DJ Spooky, Datacide, Single Cell Orchestra) doing their usual thing. Only U.M.O.'s "U.M.O. Three" stands out, and since it's the first track, nothing that follows comes even close to its intoxicating, rumbling foundation.