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Terre Thaemlitz Gets the Midtown 120 Blues
- Anonymous

In Resident Advisor (Australia), September 5 2008.


Experimentalist extraordinaire Terre Thaemlitz will once again make a go of it under the name DJ Sprinkles.

Entitled Midtown 120 Blues, the album is the first full-length under the moniker, coming in the wake of two 12-inches released many years ago. Tinkling pianos that seem to be submerged in water, airy flutes and a number of monologues dot the record. The most notable of the latter occurs on the first track of the record in which a voice tells us that "There must be a hundred records with voiceovers asking 'what is house?' The answer is always some greeting card bullshit about life, love, happiness." We couldn't agree more.

01. Midtown 120 Intro
02. Midtown 120 Blues
03. Ball'r (Madonna-Free Zone)
04. Brenda's $20 Dilemma
05. House Music is Controllable Desire You Can Own
06. Sisters, I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To
07. Reverse Rotation
08. Grand Central, Pt. I (Deep into the Bowel of House)
09. Grand Central, Pt. II (72 hrs. by Rail from Missouri)
10. The Occasional Feel-Good

Mule Musiq will release Midtown 120 Blues on October 9, 2008.