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DJ Sprinkles Engenders Dance-Floor (E)Motion
Seattle WA, Wednesday February 20 2013
- Dave Segal

In The Stranger (US), February 20 2013.


The bad news: DJ Sprinkles (aka producer/DJ/gender theorist Terre Thaemlitz) is playing the same night as fellow queer geniuses Matmos. The good news: Sprinkles' set will likely still be going after Matmos's last quirky chord fades out. Thaemlitz is one of the few musicians who could write an essay about every track she spins or creates that would be just as entertaining as the music. After releasing a series of intriguing ambient and down-tempo records for various labels (including her own Comatonse) in the '90s, Thaemlitz began to focus on house and techno under the name DJ Sprinkles in the '00s. Sprinkles' 2009 album Midtown 120 Blues is a brilliant entry point into her deconstruction of house-music tropes and ethos. While her recordings are freighted with meta commentary on gender identity and critiques of social/cultural modes and codes, Sprinkles' epic DJ sets smack the pleasure principle firmly on the buttocks. So many layers of deepness to revel in... With Tyler Morrison and Made Like a Tree. Q Nightclub, 6 pm, free before 9 pm/$5 till 10 pm/$10 after, 21+.