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terre thaemlitz couture cosmetique
クチュール・コスメティック (1997)


Terre Thaemlitz: Couture Cosmetique | Full-length CD Album | Released 1997 | US: Caipirinha Prod., Japan: Daisyworld Discs

  1. Trans Am (Punched to the Floor) 1:45
  2. Silent Passability (Ride to the Countryside) 9:07
    NTSC DVD video available
  3. Residual Expectations 8:56
  4. Fragmentation/Standardization (Love Not Angrily in Protest) 10:53
  5. Facilitator 9:55
  6. F/S (Fragment) 0:59
  7. Abandoned Left 10:20
  8. D.C. D.O.A. 1:12
  9. Trans Am (Transgendered American) 10:50

Couture Cosmetique: Transgendered Electroacoustic Symptomatic of the Need for a Cultural Makeover (or... What's Behind All That Foundation?)

The complete English liner notes for Couture Cosmetique are available for free in the writings section.


Released in 1997, Couture Cosmetique was Terre Thaemlitz' first album to include a written essay, setting the tone for all of her future releases. It was also a landmark in Thaemlitz' move away from MIDI instrumentation and towards direct digital synthesis. In the text, Thaemlitz discusses both transgendered praxis and electroacoustic audio production in relation to "sampling" - cultural and aural.

Recorded at: Meow (Spanish Harlem).
Produced, mixed and arranged by Terre Thaemlitz
(c)(p) 1997 T. Thaemlitz (BMI)
Design by Terre Thaemlitz.