terre thaemlitz discography

「Dead Stock Archive: Complete Collected Works / 売れ残り品アーカイブ(全集)」 +8GB MP3 collection in Design A: Dead Stock Super-Sized Plush CD Burger.

full-length albums

vinyl 12" singles

vinyl 10" singles

  • DJ Sprinkles presents Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion: House Explosion III Performed live by Terre Thaemlitz & Zeitkratzer at the Volksbühne, Berlin. France: Skylax, 2010, LAX 118 (Red Vinyl)
  • Terre Thaemlitz: "Meteor," remix EP. Original from the album Child's View Nobukazu Takemura): Hoshi No Koe Japan: Childisc, 2001, CHEP-012

vinyl 7" singles

cassette tapes


dj mix series


  • Fresh Insights EP 2: Sprinkles Alt. Mixes Vinyl EP with Mark Fell. Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2015, C.024
  • Fresh Insights EP 1 Vinyl EP with Mark Fell. Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2015, C.023
  • "Companion," from You Vinyl EP with Frank & Tony. US: Scissor and Thread, 2014, FATLP01-A
  • Complete Spiral EP Vinyl EP with Mark Fell. Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2012, C.021
  • Tales of the Bodiless 17-channel spatialized sound composition for stage production by Eszter Salamon with Bojana Cvejic, Cédric Dambrain, Terre Thaemlitz, Sylvie Garot and Peter Böhm. Booklet + CD published by Botschaft Gbr, 2011 (Germany).
  • Zeitkratzer: Terre Thaemlitz (Electronics 2) Album with Zeitkratzer. Germany: Zeitkratzer Records, 2009, ZKR0005
  • V.A.: [60]Project Collaboration between over 60 computer music producers, curated and arranged by Mathew Adkins. France: Empreintes Digitales, 2008, IMED 0898
  • The Laurence Rassel Show Radio drama with Laurence Rassel. Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2007, C.016.CD. Released in collaboration with Constant vzw (Belgium), and made available for free download from Public Record, US: publicrec.org, 2-01-014
  • Yesterday's Heroes: 1979 Album with Haco.
    France: La Louche Qui Fait Deborder Le Vase, 2004, LOUCH 001
  • V.A.: Below Code: Comatonse Recordings 10th Anniversary Compilation 1993-2003 Includes collaborations with Haco, Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Simon Fisher Turner and SND. Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2003, C.012
  • Super-Superbonus Album with Zeitkratzer. Germany: Kirschbier Records, 2002, K.001; Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2002, C.011
  • Hanayo: Gift Song "Sometimes A Girl Loves A Boy," Germany: Geist, 2000, Geist-013CD
  • Institutional Collaborative Album with Jane Dowe. Germany: Mille Plateaux, 1998, MPCD53
  • Web Album with Bill Laswell. US: Subharmonic Records, 1995, SD 7010-2


  • Abstract Workshop 2 US: Shadow Records, 1996, SDW009-2 * **
  • Ambient Boxed US: Instinct Records, 2002, INS590-2
  • Ambient Intermix US: Instinct Ambient, 1995, AMB:1002-2 *
  • Ambient Senses, Volume 3 UK: Jumpin' + Pumpin', 1995, CDTOT23
  • Ambient Systems US: Instinct Ambient, 1995, AMB:002-2
  • Ambient Systems 2 US: Instinct Ambient, 1996, AMB6005-2 *
  • Ambient Systems 3 US: Instinct Ambient, 1997, AMB6007-2
  • Ambient Systems 4 US: Instinct Records, 1999, EX.411.2
  • Atlantic Waves 2007 Festival Sampler, UK: Atlantic Waves/Calouse Gulbenkian Foundation, 2007
  • Avanto: Avantoscore 2003 Finland: Avanto Festival, 2003, AAAAA-2003
  • Axiom Ambient: Lost In The Translation US: Island/Axiom Records, 1994, 314-524 053-2 *
  • Below Code: Comatonse Recordings 10th Anniversary Compilation 1993-2003. Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2003, C.012
  • Chill Out Phase Two US: Instinct Records, 1994, EX-268-2
  • Cloudwatch US: Sonic Soul Recordings, 1997, 001
  • Club Transmediale 04: Fly Utopia Germany: Data Error, 2004, 005
  • Coast2Coast: Âme UK: NRK Records, 2007, NRKCD032
  • Compact Vinyl 2 Japan: Cisco Stevier/Soundscape Corp., 2006, STVCD-002
  • Computer Music Journal Sound Anthology Vol. 24 US: MIT Press, 2000
  • Daft Electro US: Instinct Records, 2000, INS253-2
  • Digital Space UK: Lovebytes, 2000, DSP1 *
  • Distributed Shared Memory US: Mindspore Records, 1996 *
  • DOIS UK: Disorient, 2003
  • Electronic Beats CD No. 1 Germany: Electronic Beats Magazine, Summer 2012
  • Electronic Thisturbance Portugal: Thisco, 2004, Thisk.15
  • Enjoy the Silence: Part 2 of Mule 5th Anniversary Release, Japan: Mule Electronic, 2009, MED16[JP]/MECD15[EU]
  • Enjoy the Silence Vol. 2, Japan: Mule Electronic, 2011, CD: MECD20/vinyl: MULE078
  • Enjoy The Silence Vol. 3, Japan: Mule Musiq, 2014, CD: MMCD43/vinyl: MULE172
  • Freezone: The Phenomenology of Ambient Belgium: Crammed Disk, 1994, SSR 129
  • Groove #107/No.16 Germany: Groove Magazine, Juli/August 2007, Issue 107
  • Haunted Weather: Music, Silence and Memory Germany: Staubgold, 2004, staubgold 52
  • I Leave You: A Tribute to Telekon US: Ben Iglar-Mobley, 2011
  • Idol Tryouts Two US: Ghostly International, 2006, CD: GI-51/vinyl: GI-51A
  • I'm Starting to Feel OK Vol.2 Japan: Mule Musiq, 2008, MMD05
  • I'm Starting to Feel OK Vol.3 Japan: Endless Flight, 2009, EFCD3
  • I'm Starting to Feel OK Vol.4 Japan: Endless Flight, 2010, EFCD5
  • I'm Starting to Feel OK Vol.5 Pt.1 EP Japan: Endless Flight, 2012, EF44
  • Incidental Amplifications Australia: Room 40, 2006
  • It's House Not House EP (vinyl only with Bicep & Rick Wade) US: Kolour LTD, 2013, KLRLTD013
  • Late Night Tales: Friendly Fires UK: Late Night Tales, 2012, CD: ALNCD30, x2 Vinyl: ALNLP30
  • Maschinelle Strategeme Germany: Mille Plateaux, 2000, RIT 10
  • Modulation & Transformation 3 Germany: Mille Plateaux, 1998, MP CD 43
  • Modulation & Transformation 4 Germany: Mille Plateaux, 1999, MP 3CD 61
  • The Morning Line publication box with Special Edition Vinyl Edited by Eva Ebersberger and Daniela Zyman. Austria: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary & Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-86984-242-4 *
  • Muting the Noise Germany: Innervisions, 2008, IV CD02
  • O-Parts 2 Japan: O-Parts Recordings, 2004, opcd-002/oplp-002
  • Plug In + Turn On US: Instinct Records, 1994, EX-267-2 *
  • Plug In + Turn On x.2 US: Instinct Records, 1994, EX-297-2
  • Politronics Germany: Onitor, 2004, 24
  • Power And Responsibility: Converted To Streaming Between Machines US: Leonardo Music Journal, 2000, ISAST 9
  • Rough Trade Shops Electronic 01 UK: Mute Records, 2002, CDSTUMM203
  • Sampling Rage Germany: X-tract, 2001, X-T2002
  • Shadow Masters: New, Used, & Absurd, US: Shadow Records, 2002, SDW134-2
  • Silence Broken, A US: Public Record, 2006, 2-04-001
  • Sound of the 14th Season, The: Sven Väth in the Mix, Germany: Cocoon Recordings, 2013, CORMIX045
  • Sounding Art UK: Ashgate Publishing Limited, 2004
  • Synthetic Pleasures, Volume 1 US: Moonshine Records, 1996, MM 80046-2
  • Synthetic Pleasures, Volume 2 US: Moonshine Records, 1996, MM 80046-2 * **
  • Toy Tonics: Top Tracks Vol. 1, Germany: Toy Tonics, 2014, TOYT022
  • Un Tributo to James T. Russel Spain: Alku, 2001, Alku-15 *
  • Untitled Ltd. Edition Ambient Double Vinyl Pack, US: Instinct Records, 1994, EX-291-1 *
  • The Wire Tapper 2 UK: The Wire Magazine, November 1998, Issue 177
  • XLR8R: Incite No. 70 US: XLR8R Magazine, April 2009

  • * Contains previously unreleased material.
    ** Released under undisclosed alias.


  • Adultnapper: "Low Point On High Ground (Rock Bottom Mix)" by DJ Sprinkles, UK: Simple Records, 2010
  • After Dinner: "Paradaisu (Imada Kuufuku)," remix medley included on the reissue of the album Paradise Of Replicas UK: ReR, 2000
  • Arcand, Pierre-André: "Transit(ional Edit)," remix available on Ohmix, Canada: OHM/Avatar, 2001
  • Bernardi, Marco: "Klinsfrar Melode (Sprinkles' Deeperama)" remix by DJ Sprinkles, Netherlands: Crème Organization, 2010
  • Cage, John: "Fagjazz Study for 12 Mode Sources + 6 Additions" remix of Cage's catalog available on Cagere)mix US: Mode Records, 2009; also released on the vinyl EP JC + TT + SFT EP (Remixes by Terre Thaemlitz + Simon Fisher Turner) Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2008, C.017; and Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2 Japan: Mule Electronic, 2011, CD20
  • Cascone, Kim: "blue) cube (Blue Code)," remix available on blueCubism Japan: Digital Narcis Ltd., 2000, DNCD007
  • Child's View Nobukazu Takemura): "Meteor," remix 10-inch EP from the album Hoshi No Koe Japan: Childisc, 2001, CHEP-012
  • Czukay, Holgar and U-she: "La Premiere La Secondaire" remix available as a 12-inch EP and included on the album The New Millenium Germany: Fünfundvierzig, 2003, 133
  • Chugga: "Theme From The Buck Rogers Light Rope Dance," two remixes available on the EP Comatonse.002 US: Comatonse Recordings, 1997, C.002
  • Debussy, Claude: "Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune." Germany: Universal Music, 2002
  • Drum Komputer: "E.P.L. (Femme Machine)," remix available on Ambient Intermix US: Instinct Ambient, 1995, AMB:1002-2
  • eureka!: "Vast (Kitty's Theme)," remix included on the album Tennis Girl Japan: Cardium Records/Universal, 1999, CDCD-1003
  • Fisher-Turner, Simon (a.k.a. SFT): "Shishapangma (Sprinkles' Deeperama)" remix available on the vinyl EP Shishapangma EP Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2015, C.025
  • The Golden Palominos: "Gun/Little Suicides (Brown Stain Walls, Red Jelly Corners)," remix from the album Pure US: Restless Records, 1994, 7 72790-2
  • The Golden Palominos: "No Skin (Aural Circumcision)," remix from the album Pure, US: Restless, 1994, 7 72790-2
  • Greek Buck: "Mewtron Variation No. 5 (Meow Mix)," Canada: Greek Buck, 2000 GLOP 004.
  • Hall and Oates: "Hold On To Yourself," unreleased, US: Push Records, 1997
  • Hanno, Yoshihiro: "Platform: HomeForm" remixes from the album Platform, available on the double-CD Re-Platform Japan: Cirque, 2008, CQCD-012
  • Hard Ton: "Food of Love (Sprinkles' Deeperama)," Germany: Toy Tonics, 2013, TOYT007; "Food of Love (Sprinkles' Dubberama)," Queerifications & Ruins, Japan: Mule Musiq, 2013, MMCD42; "Food of Love (Sprinkles' Grub Dub)," Toy Tonics: Top Tracks Vol. 1, Germany: Toy Tonics, 2014, TOYT022; "Food of Love (Sprinkles' Grub Dub)" and (Sprinkles' Latex Lament)," from Food of Love (DJ Sprinkles Unreleased Remixes), Japan: Mule Musiq, 2014
  • Hardrock Striker: "Motorik Life (DJ Sprinkles' Mountain of Despair)" and "Motorik Life (DJ Sprinkles' Dub)" France: Skylax, 2011
  • Hosono, Haruomi & Laswell, Bill: "Interpieces (Wakare Michi)," remix featured on the album Interpieces Organization Japan: Baidis/Teichiku Records, 1996, TECN-30336
  • Jorge C.: "A Little Beat (The World Is Ova Megamix)" remix by DJ Sprinkles, Chile: Ojo de Apolo, 2010
  • June a.k.a. Tsampikos Fronas: "Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles' Lost Dancefloor)" and "Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles' Empty Dancefloor)" remixes by DJ Sprinkles, Germany: June, 2010
  • Juzu a.k.a. Moochy: "Morning Grow (K-S.H.E's Melancholie Grow)" and "Morning Grow (K-S.H.E's Melancholie Dub)" remixes from the album Momentos Japan: Cross Point, 2005 released on the vinyl EP K-S.H.E vs. Juzu a.k.a. MOOCHY: Morning Grow Melancholy Grow Remixes) Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2006, C.015
  • Khan: "Black Sabbath Riot (Remix)," unreleased, US: Temple Records
  • Material: "Eternal Drift (Eternal Thaemlitz Curse)," remix EP from the album Hallucination Engine US: Island/Axiom Records, 1994 Alternate version available on Axiom Ambient: Lost In The Translation US: Island/Axiom Records, 1994, 314-524 053-2
  • Material & William S. Burroughs: "Soulkiller (Remote Control)," remix from the album Seven Souls US: Wordly Triloca, 1997, 314 534 905-2
  • Mole, The: "Lockdown Party (Sprinkles' Crossfaderama)," remix from the EP History of Dates, Germany: Perlon, 2013, PERL94. Also appears on the compilation Mathias Kaden: Watergate14 Germany: Watergate Records, 2013.
  • M.T. aka Bayaka: "Spherical Remixes," remix follow-up EP to "Spherical EP", Japan: Life Line Records, 1998, LL-1003
  • Oh, Yoko: "Seashore (Sprinkles' Ambient Ballroom)," remix by DJ Sprinkles, and editing of "Seashore (Inst. Ver. 2)," Japan: Normal Cookie, 2012, Cookie 2
  • Parallax Beat Brothers Pete Lockett + Scanner): "Exhalation DJ Sprinkles' Deep Breath Mix)" and "Autek Dubblemixed by Scanner + Sprinkles," remixes from the album Autek UK: AUT001, 2005 released on the EP Exhalation EP Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2006, C.014
  • Primula: "Nobody's in This Classroom (Nobody Mix)," remix from the album Youth Center JP: Neguse Group, 2012, NGCD003. Also appears on the compilation Enjoy The Silence Vol. 3 JP: Mule Musiq, 2014, CD: MMCD43/vinyl: MULE172
  • Shaikh, Adham: "Liquid Evolution (Sinking Canoe)," remix from the album Journey to the Sun US: Instinct Ambient, 1995 Available on Ambient Intermix US: Instinct Ambient, 1995, AMB:1002-2
  • Takahashi, Kuniyuki: "Between Shadows & Lights (Sprinkles' Lights Out Dub)," remix from the album Feather World JP: Mule Musiq, 2013 released on the EP Shout JP: Mule Musiq, MM159, and the CD compilation Kuniyuki Remixed 2 JP: Mule Musiq, MMCD43
  • Ultra-red: "Canción de la Posada (Traduccion por G.R.R.L.)," remix by G.R.R.L. on the EP Desarrollos Sostenibles/Sustainable Developments: Translations of Structural Adjustments, US: Beta Bodega, 2002, 06
  • Ultra-red: "Cruise Control (Ultra-session)," remix on the EP Ode To Johnny Rio, US: Comatonse Recordings, 1998, C.005 *
  • Ultra-red: "Curbed Behavior (No Park Queen)," remix included on the album Second Nature, Germany: Mille Plateaux, 1999, MP62
  • Ultra-red: "FS59.9," remix included on the album FS59 US: True Classical CD, 2000
  • Velma: "Vitamine (Diastolic Edit)," remix included on the album Panoramique Switzerland: Manskeio Records, 2002, MN-005CD

  • * Released under undisclosed alias.


  • Top 5 World's Least Douchey DJs in "Crossfade/Miami New Times" November 25 2011.
  • Best Album 2009 (DJ Sprinkles, Midtown 120 Blues) 2009 Staff Poll Results in "Resident Advisor" (residentadvisor.net), January 2010.
  • Karl Sczuka Preis Top 5 finalist 2005 (Terre Thaemlitz, Trans-Sister Radio), 2005 Karl Sczuka Preis.
  • Honorable Mention In DIgital Musics (Terre Thaemlitz, "Superbonus"), 1999 ORF Prix Ars Electronica.
  • Best Ambient/Experimental Artist 1997 1997 Readers Poll Results in "URB Magazine," US: March/April 1998.
  • Magellan 3-Star Site Award 1994 for Comatonse Recordings homepage.
  • Best DJ Award 1991 1991 Sally's II Grammy Awards, House of Magic, Midtown Manattan Drag Circuit.

dj residencies

  • October 1991-March 1992 10pm-4am every Thursday, Friday & Saturday at Sally's II, Carter Hotel Ballroom, New York USA.
  • 2003-2006 "DJ Sprinkles' Deeperama" resident party at Club Module(渋谷), Tokyo Japan.

teaching faculty

  • Guest Mentor on the History of HIV/AIDS Representation in Cinema, Sound Arts and Popular Media for the 2015 Intergenerational LGBT Artist Residency, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Ontario Canada.
  • Member of the 2012 Faculty of the Milton Avery School of the Arts, Department of Music and Sound, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson New York USA.

film & video

  • Soulnessless /「ソウルネスレス」ー魂の完全なる不在ー (80 min. full-length film/music videos, multi-lingual Bulgarian/English/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Polish/Portuguese/Russian/Spanish) written, directed, filmed and edited by Terre Thaemlitz. MP4 on MicroSD Card Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2012, C.020
  • ffwd_mag (DVD + magazine) Italy: .::invernomuto::., 2005, Issue 3. Audio and photography
  • Lovebomb / 愛の爆弾 (57 min. full-length film/music videos, bilingual English/Japanese) written, directed, filmed and edited by Terre Thaemlitz. VHS Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2003, V.002; DVD Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2005, D.001
  • Interstices (20 min. short film/music videos) written, directed, filmed and edited by Terre Thaemlitz. Commissioned by Lovebytes and funded by the National Arts Council of England. VHS Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2001, V.001; DVD V.A.: Volatile Media UK: Lovebytes, 2002, DSP2; DVD Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2005, D.000
  • Silent Passability (Ride to the Countryside) (4 min. music video) written, directed, filmed and edited by Terre Thaemlitz. VHS US: Comatonse Recordings, 1997, V.000; DVD Japan: Comatonse Recordings, 2005 D.000
  • Modulations (documentary interview) directed by Iara Lee, produced by George Gund. US: Caipirinha Productions, 1998
  • Neue Kraft, Neues Werk (Transcodeur Express) (documentary interview) directed by Ninon Liotet and Olivier Schulbaum. Germany: ZDF 2002
  • Synthetic Pleasures (documentary interview, 3 tracks featured on soundtrack, sound engineering for film trailer) directed by Iara Lee, produced by George Gund. US: Caipirinha Productions, 1995

theater & stage

  • Tales of the Bodiless 17-channel spatialized sound composition for stage production by Eszter Salamon with Bojana Cvejic, Cédric Dambrain, Terre Thaemlitz, Sylvie Garot and Peter Böhm. Booklet + CD published by Botschaft Gbr, 2011 (Germany).

books & publications

Note: This section does not include texts self-published on Comatonse.com (see writings) or texts published as part of full Length Albums (see above).

  • Nuisance: Writings on Identity Jamming & Digital Audio Production, Terre Thaemlitz (Austria: Zaglossus, 2015) ISBN 978-3-902902-39-9.
  • "Queerness in a Situational Sense," Terre Thaemlitz in Conversation with Daniel Givens and Niels Van Tomme, in Spaces for Criticism: Shifts in Contemporary Art Discourses, ed. by Thijz Lijster, Suzana Milevska, Pascal Gielen, Ruth Sonderegger (NL: Antennae Valiz, 2015) ISBN 978-90-78088-75-2.
  • "'Ich habe eigentlich keine andere Identität als die innerhalb eines Kontexts' Im Gespräch mit Terre Thaemlitz," in Fragile Identitäten, ed. by Susanne Witzgall and Kerstin Stakemeier. (Zurich-Berlin: Diaphanes, 2015) ISBN 978-3-03734-525-2.
  • 「ナイショ・ウェイブ・マニフェスト」("Naisho-Wave Manifesto"), in Farben 2014, ed. by Takashi Ujita. Original English text and illustrations with Japanese translation by Izumi Yoshida. (Japan: Nicolo x Visual and Echo Japan, 2014.) Issue 1 (Ltd. Ed. Ver.).
  • Interruptions #12: Lost Techno-Pop Weekend in Rural Midwestern America, series curated by Anna Ramos. Original English text with Castilian and Catalan translations. (Spain: Radio Web MACBA, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, 2013.)
  • "Soulnessless Canto III: Pink Sisters," in Dead Silence, ed. by Lawrence English. (Australia: Room40, 2012). Included in paper edition only/omitted from digital edition.
  • "Terre Interviews Terre" (excerpt), in Nero. (Italy: Nero Books, Autumn 2012.) No. 30.
  • "Death in Europe: Reflections on Oscar Wilde's Tomb and Michael Jackson," and "Meditation on Wage Labor and the Death of the Album (Excerpts)," in Ver Sacrum: The Death of the Audience, ed. by Pierre Bal-Blanc. (Austria: Secession, 2011) ISBN 978-3-902592-37-8.
  • "All's in Order: Out-of-Order Fashion's Inability to Divest of Power," in Fashion - Out of Order: Disruption as Principle, ed. by Dorothea Mink. (Germany: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2011) ISBN 978389790-358-6.
  • "TML#25," text and audio in The Morning Line: Vienna, by Matthew Ritchie, Aranda\Lasch & Arup AGU, ed. Eva Ebersberger & Daniela Zyman, sound curation by Franz Pommassl. (Austria: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, 2011.)
  • Tales of the Bodiless by Eszter Salamon with Bojana Cvejic, Cédric Dambrain, Terre Thaemlitz, Sylvie Garot and Peter Böhm. (Germany: Botschaft Gbr, 2011) ISBN #978-3-00-034665-1.
  • "Miłość. Wokół projektu Lovebomb Terre'ego Thaemlitza," with Mateusz Borowski & Michał Libera in Krew na liściach: Muzyka jako teoria społeczna, ed. Michoła Libery. (Poland: Zachęta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki, 2010.)
  • "Please tell my landlord not to expect future payments because Attali's theory of surplus-value-generating information economics only works if my home studio's rent and other use-values are zero," in Immediacy and Non-Simultaneity: Utopia of Sound, ed. by Diedrich Diederichsen & Constanze Ruhm. (Austria: Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien, 2010.)
  • "10 Records for a Desert Island," in The Desert Island Records, ed. by Stefano I. Bianchi & Christian Zingales. (Italy: Blow Up, 2009), pp.335-338.
  • The Crisis of Post-Spectacle "Live" Contemporary Ambient Performance (Or... Why I Can't Get Paid to DJ A-Structural Audio). (Italy: Nero Books, 2006.) ISBN: 88-902202-0-1
  • "Replicas Rubato," in Golden Years: Materialien und Positionen zu Queerer Subkultur un Avantgarde Szischen 1959 und 1974. (Austria: Edition Camera Austria, 2006.)
  • "Trans-Portation," in Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity, Mattilda a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore, ed. (US: Seal Press, 2006), pp.173-185.
  • "I Am Not a Lesbian: An Official Response to Those Three Little Words... 'Are You Gay?'" in Basso Magazin. (Germany: Druckhaus Mitte Berlin, September 2005.)
  • "iPod is Raping the Rapists who Raped My Village," in Zehar. (Spain: Arteleku, Issue 55, 2005), pp.46-53.
  • "Statement of Purpose," in Gendertronics, Meike Jansen, Ed. (Germany: Edition Suhrkamp, 2005), pp.100-123.
  • "Inner Sleeve," in The Wire. (UK: Issue 239, January 2004), p.81.
  • "Viva McGlam?: Is Transgenderism a Critique of or Capitulation to Opulence-Driven Glamour Models? " in The Future Has a Silver Lining: Genealogies of Glamour, ed. by Tom Holert and Heike Munder. (Zürich: Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst/JRP Ringier, Nov. 2004.) Also in Fake or Feint, exhibition catalog. (Germany: Argobooks, 2010.)
  • "Resistance to Change," in Katharine Norman, Sounding Art: Eight Literary Excursions through Electronic Music. (UK: Ashgate Publising Ltd., 2004.)
  • "GLOBULE of NON-STANDARD: An Attempted Clarification of Globular Identity Politics in Japanese Electronic 'Sightseeing Music,'" in Organised Sound. (UK: Cambridge University Press, April 2003.)
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  • "Epiphanies," in The Wire. UK: Issue 193, March 2000, p.90.
  • "Cover Design For Comatonse.000.R1," in Pesch, Martin & Weisbeck, Markus, DiscStyle: The Graphic Arts Of Electronic Music And Club Culture. (UK: Collins & Brown Ltd., 1999), p.16.
  • "How MAD's Dave Berg and Roger Kaputnik Introduced Me To Post-Modernity," in bOINGbOING Online. (US: http://www.boingboing.net/, January 1999.)
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  • "Transgender Todschick," in Kleine Zeitung Megascene. (Austria: No.12, October 1999), pp. 21-24.


  • "Soulnessless: Cantos I-IV" at Interval. Accions Sonores (Sound Actions) exhibition curated by Lluís Nacenta and Laurence Rassel, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona Spain (November 7 2014-February 15 2015).
  • "Rosary Novena for Gender Transitioning," (from Soulnessless) AV installation at Soleil Politique: The Museum Between Light and Shadow, exhibition curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc, Museion, Bozen Italy (September 27 2014-January 11 2015).
  • "Terre Thaemlitz kindly asks you not to upload her releases," audio installation reproduced in 150 private sessions (by reservation only) before being destroyed, at Vapore #1, exhibition curated by Francesco Tenaglia, O', Milan Italy (September 15-20 2014).
  • "Meditation on Wage Labour and the Death of the Album," (from Soulnessless) audio installation at Watch Me Work: Women, Labour and Queer Economies, exhibition curated by Tobaron Waxman, Matjö - Raum für Kunst, Köln Germany (August 29-September 19 2014).
  • "Meditation on Wage Labour and the Death of the Album," (from Soulnessless) audio installation at L'oeuvre d'art de l'avenir ou le temps dilaté, exhibition curated by Denis Pernet, Wagner Geneva Festival, Mus&eacut;e d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva Switzerland (October 11-January 12 2013).
  • Soulnessless solo museum exhibition as part of the exhibition series Gender Issue, curated by Pièrre Bal-Blanc, Centre d'art contemporain de Brétigny, Brétigny s/Orge France (October 5 2012-January 26 2013).
  • Audio works featured in Dead Fingers Talking, curated by Mark Jackson, Galleri Box, Gothenburg Sweden (April 28-May 25 2012).
  • "TML #25" multi-channel audio work encoded for 47 channel sound system in The Morning Line - Vienna, an outdoor sculptural installation by Matthew Ritchie with Aranda\Lasch and Arup AGU, sound curated by Franz Pomassl, commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, located on Schwarzenbergplatz, Wien Austria (June 7-November 20 2011).
  • Dead Stock Archive solo exhibition currated by Markus Mueller at Bureau Mueller, Berlin, Germany (March 3-June 18 2011).
  • "Meditation on Wage Labour and the Death of the Album," (from Soulnessless) performed as part of A liberdade de escuta, exhibition on Cornelius Cardew curated by Dean Inkster, Culturgest Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Porto Portugal (June 25 2010).
  • Audio works featured in Dead Fingers Talk: The Tape Experiments of William S. Burroughs, curated by Mark Jackson, IMT (Image Music Text) Gallery, London UK (May 28-July 18 2010).
  • "Meditation on Wage Labour and the Death of the Album," (from Soulnessless) performed as part of The Death of the Audience, curated by Pièrre Bal-Blanc, Secession, Wien Austria (July 3 2009).
  • "Meditation on Wage Labour and the Death of the Album," (from Soulnessless) performed as part of Cornelius Cardew et la liberté de l'écoute, curated by Dean Inkster & Pièrre Bal-Blanc, Centre d'art contemporain de Brétigny, Brétigny s/Orge France (June 29 2009).
  • "Interstices" video installation at Passwords 3: Problematisations of Femininity, Centro Cultural Montehermoso Kulturenea, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (January 25-May 18 2008).
  • Listening installation and free radio broadcast of "The Laurence Rassel Show" at Error #9: Shadow Cabinet "Three Rendezvous" organized by Error One & Vincent Meessen, Extra City, Antwerp Belgium (April 25-May 10 2008).
  • Live radio performance for "ENTHUSIASM!, on the theme of communism," at the Frieze Art Fair, curated by Grant Watson and Sarah Pierce for Resonance FM, 104.4FM, London UK (October 13 2006).
  • "Lovebomb" video installation at 1-0-1 [one 'o one] Intersex: The Two-Gender-System as a Human Rights Violation, Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin, Germany (June 17-25 2005).
  • Symposium and "Lovebomb" performance at "Gelebte Bedingungen/Lived Conditions" within the exhibition Open House, O.K. Centrum für Gegenwartskunst Oberösterreich, Linz Austria (March 27 2004).
  • "Silent Passability" video exhibition at Citizen Queer, Shedhalle, Zurich Switzerland (May 1-June 6 2004).
  • Audio for sculpture installation Distribution Power - Tower Structures by Sigismond de Vajay, at Observatori Festival, Valenci Spain (October 30-November 2 2003).
  • Terre Thaemlitz solo exhibition currated by TJ Norris at Soundvision Gallery, Portland Oregon USA (May 30-June 28 2003).
  • Video installation at Same-Different: On Identity, Integrity, and Sexual Politics, Galeria Noua/New Gallery, Bucharest Romania (February 26-April 6 2003).
  • Audio exhibition at Musik Didactique: Content and Message in Electronic Pop Music 'After' Techno, Shedhalle, Zurich Switzerland (October 24-November 22 2003).
  • Audio installation at Sonic Boom, Hayward Gallery, London United Kingdom (April 27-June 8 2000).
  • Exhibition & Our Discontents, senior exhibition with John Consigli at Houghton Gallery, The Cooper Union, New York City New York USA (February 20-23 1990).
  • Unauthorized installation of beeping devices with John Consigli at Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York City New York USA ([Date?] 1989).

permanent collections

  • "TML #25" multi-channel audio work encoded for 47 channel sound system in The Morning Line, an outdoor sculptural installation by Matthew Ritchie with Aranda\Lasch and Arup AGU, in the permanent collection of Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Wien Austria (June 7, 2011).